This is personal blog about birds of Udaipur, City of lakes, in Rajasthan. Udaipur City and its surroundings have numerous water bodies, lakes, small dams as well as wild life sanctuaries. These water bodies attract many migratory birds during winters. Wild Life sanctuaries host many avian summer visitors and provide nesting facilities.

My name is Uttam Pegu and I have been in Udaipur since 2010 and I have been doing some bird watching, bird photography with my friends from this beautiful city since. Udaipur city has active group of people who are passionate about birding, bird watching, bird habitat conservation.

Purpose of this blog:

I will be trying to record sighting of birds in Udaipur as well as their photographs in this blog. Due to my work as well as lazy nature, I may not be able to update regularly, but I will still try to update whenever I get a chance. 

This domain “” was gifted to me by my friend Ashish who now a days live in USA and is an avid birder and wild life enthusiast.